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The Man Who Haunted Himself

We’re going old school. We’re going Roger Moore (who didn’t ever live in Cannock).

The very house that Roger Moore didn’t live in.

2 bowler hats in less than a minute. That’s way above the Corking Movies average.

Clunk click every trip.

Nice jaunty music. Nice moustache. Freddie Jones is in this! Great actor.

Never seen anyone quite so proud that their watch matches Big Ben.

Oooh. He’s turned into a wrong ‘un.

Pop up headlights = evil/possessed, apparently. This is playing like a public information video.

“Hey you.” “Who, us?” “Yes you.” “What now?” “Don’t drive like a dickhead.”

I assume Charles Lloyd-Pack is Roger Lloyd Pack’s dad? I once saw him in Hamley’s looking glum by the table football. I think it’s because he’d been in Interview with the Vampire. Is the doctor Leonard Rossiter? This wine is horrible.

Smoking in the boardroom. Fantastic.

Whoever wrote this really enjoyed talking about business mergers.

Is his butler the lawyer from Midnight Express?

That’s a comfy looking sweater.

Oooh. He got angry there.

She’s very… English.

This film has more pipe smoking than I’m used to.

 A comfy looking cardigan. He has a fine selection of after work wear.

She wants to risk losing a whole £5? Maniac. Did he just allow someone to steal his wife’s winnings?

I might grow a moustache like Roger Moore’s for Movember.

I wish you could see that “Who are you” scene. It was like when Reeves and Mortimer did the vegetable adverts.

We’ve all been there… buying expensive jewellery but forgetting who it was for.

That dude looks like a Nosferatu from Vampre the Masquerade.

It is the lawyer from Midnight Express! He was also in Indiana Jones and his Grumpy Dad and he BBC sitcom Birds of a Feather. Midnight Express is a great film with a fantastic soundtrack.

“My soul is prepared”

Freddie Jones! Although I don’t think that Scottish accent is genuine. Just found out he’s Toby Jones’s dad. Another amazing actor.

There’s not much of interest in this film. It was a big deal when it came out.

Apparently Roger Moore beat Lee Marvin up.

Grey suit, pink shirt and blue tie? That’s not the Mr.Pelham we first met…

The most dastardly thing Evil Pelham has done is instigate a takeover and upset an attractive young photographer.

The whole film has been building up to this punchline and it’s taken a very dull route to get here. Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Darkness did the split personality thing better.

You can tell the baddy, despite the lack of goatee. He drives smugly.

I suppose that’s an interesting thought – if the ‘bad’ Pelham isn’t massively evil, and makes the family happy, does it matter which survives?