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Johnny Gruesome

Sober edit – there are spoilers. Also, reading back, I think I was marvellously drunk.

Well, I like the name anyway… And METAL. Just like my teens.

Daytime. I don’t get to watch many films that have daytime. Or locations. Or cars. Or extras.

Shades perched on the tip of his nose. How remarkably 80s.

Man O’War. Awesome.

Death to false metal

Usually, the metaller gets a beat down early, then his revenge.

Nice house for a dead beat dad. His dad reminds me of someone.

Well that escalated quickly.

Why didn’t they gout of the car to help? Now violins have happened.

How do you make strangulation look like an accident?

Kind of a low key reason for revenge.

C’mon. Of course they’d know. That car wasn’t subtle.

Interesting acting by the dad.

Another Man O’War t’shirt.

This is the film of someone who was bullied. Or who has other cause to hate bullies.

He was a jerk, but that’s a bit much.

Now a Gwar t-shirt.


That’s quite a good severed head. I’ve always wondered how that must feel to an actor, seeing their own severed head.

“Oh God. You killed Todd.”

His choice of victims seems a bit random. A lot of films like this don’t seem to have a moral centre.

A Gwar t-shirt again?


She’d be better off with a water pistol.

Well that was original – the human haggis.


Knife to meet you.

Oh crikey. What bullshittery is this?

Sober edit – so, yeah. You can probably see I was more drunk than usual when doing this one. I would apologise for the rambling, but, well, the rambling’s what drunken reviews are all about (and for me, I love it when I read my reviews back and have no idea what I was talking about).