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A Drunken Review

The Uncork’d production logo music reminds me of something. Something 80s or 90s.

OK. This feels like a film with purpose, with an idea, and into which some thought has gone.

It sounded like he said “cameflage”.

Nice desiccated corpse effect.

One of the potential difficulties I can see the creators of this film having to overcome is having to switch the lead and have the audience follow them. Also, is the narrator’s voice the shapechanger’s original voice?

I wonder how many times I could kill to save my own life before guilt got the better of me. As I generally carry some form of guilt daily, I’m not sure it would be long, but then again I have a really strong fear of death. I think it’s because I experienced quite a bit of loss in a short time, and quite a few who were young.

I wonder what age the shapeshifter is. Was it born a an adult? Do such things affect shapeshifters?

Ah. That answers some questions, but I’m not doing a spoiler-y review as I think this is going to be a film I won’t tell people to avoid. 

Back to the fear of death/guilt thing. What if you were to throw a child into the mix? That’d go some way to counteracting the guilt – burying it because you need to be there to help.

Wait. That whisky on the rocks had no rocks.

Kenshiro would be carving it up.

Yeah. Deserves it. Was the way the body swap happens done to allow the killing without the main character starting with a damaged body? If so, clever move, as it’s unobtrusive.

The shipping (sober edit – I think that’s what it says) between bodies and therefore changing leads hasn’t created the problems I suspected it might, either.

Is he the Hipster King? He does lack turnups and a vape, but that’s a nice coat.

Does she have loads of times where someone seems familiar? 

Hipster dude seems like he’d say that sort of thing irrespective of the situation. Also, I bet he likes Frank Zappa. which is cool.

There’s a load of socio-sexual questions here.

He should have planned this a bit more. Found a way to prove it.

He’s got a bit of a Bob thing going on.

Killer Bob from Twin Peaks

Can you hear me? Catch you… with my death bag! You may think I’ve gone insane… but I promise. I will kill again.

Damn it. I said no spoilers but there’s stuff I’d love to discuss. Won’t though.

Now that was a clever ending. The film had pacing issues, but I have to say, the ending made it one of those films that it’s interesting to think backwards about.

Catering was by Absolutely Famished.