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Attack of the Adult Babies

a drunken review

Sober edit – this drunken review is even less coherent than most. I was having so much fun watching his, and I was rather drunk.

Oh. Nice early 80s opening scene and score.

This parody f home invasion reminds me very much of http://corkingmovies.com/reviews/dead-house/ . They have the foreign threatening and abusive language down.

Will Jacob Rees-Mogg be in there?

Jacob Rees-Mogg
We know he likes Nanny

The nurses look like they’ve come straight from a Robert Palmer video.

Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love
A very popular video back in the day, for some reason…

It’s Charlie Chuck! Awesome. For some reason, I thought he was dead. Bloody Hell! Just checked IMDB and it says he briefly played drums for the Small Faces.

Charlie Chuck as Uncle Peter in Smell of Reeves and Mortimer
“Woof! Bark! Donkey!”

I like the fact they’re called Kim and Tim. Sort of suggests how dull and unimaginative their parents are. I’m liking this all round.

The music reminds me of the awesome Deus Ex soundtrack.

How did they pitch this to the owners of the stately home? “We need a stately home. There’s going to be hot nurses.” “That’s fine.” “And middle aged men dressed in nappies.”

Oh God. The tissues.

This has so many “Oh God” grinny moments.

“I won’t axe you again.”

Can I go to the lobby for refreshments?

 Seriously, I’m grinning like a loon through this.

The hamsters are up.

Oh God. There’s not going to be a “The Boys” Mother’s Milk thing is there?

This makes me want to watch Society again at some point soon.

Sally Dexter is like a female Jeffrey Coombs. She needs to do more horror.

“I loosened it for you.”

“Tradition.” Brilliant.

That sounds like Alan Bennett.

“You can look it up.”