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The Sentinel

The Sentinel Poster
Sentinel Poster

Sober edit – There are spoilers. I must have been really drunk, because some of this I don’t remember writing and it doesn’t make sense.

Mannequins. Always scary. Not part of the film though.

Baby Jeff Goldblum!

Burgess Meredith!

Eli Wallach!

Ava Gardner!

Christopher Walken!

Jeff Goldblum was only in it for a moment. And he’s not credited. Was that his debut?

The Prince from the Princess Bride looking snappy there in a three piece. There’s something about a three piece.

Priest to meet you (I will never get tired of that).

That’s a waste of a good cake. Or I assume it’s a good cake. Even for an illicit threesome, he doesn’t seem the sort to skimp on cake.

Golden Age actors just can’t shake their glamour. They look so out of place in 70s films.

Geoff Goldblum is dubbed in this.

Burgess Meredith is creepy and well spoken. The character he plays is the same*. He has a cat and a budgie. That’s courting disaster, surely. He’s left a picture of himself in her apartment. I might start doing that.

“This is the Laughing Cavalier, otherwise known as the Mona Lisa.”

“Looks French, from Asda.” I may have misheard. Awkward. (Sober edit – I have no idea. No idea at all).

Not even the croissants are French

There’s something oddly uncomfortable about being in a room with two women of weirdly different ages and one says your boyfriend looks like an accomplished lover and then leaves and then the other one comes back and starts feeling her breasts.

Is that right? Do you have to colour match cats and cakes?

He’s trying to do a Polanski horror here. Definite shades of The Apartment or Rosemary’s Baby.

That shock wasn’t so much telegraphed, as hand written, left on a side table and eventually sent by second class post.

Is the pried the Sentinel of the title? The Sentinel used to stop you going to the Middle Realm. Had Strength 9.

My gateway to board game addiction…

Knew the budgie/cat was a bad idea.

“Oh, hey Ghost Dad.”


For a blind priest, he sure does a lot of looking at things.

She commit adultery, but she’s not married?

I always feel like I should read Paradise Lost. I have one of their albums.

I have no idea what’s going on. Doesn’t help that I don’t care.

Just remembered where I know masturbating ballet woman from. It’s Mrs.Griswold!

Everything has been revealed right at the end. That always feels cheap. Like everything you’ve watched before was a waste of time.

I’m sure amongst the poor human oddities (I hope that’s the least offensive term) there was just a bloke that looked like Phil Collins.

Tom Berenger sneaking in at the end there with four words.

*In reality, from interviews I’ve seen, it seems he was a lovely guy.