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Okja – My first ever Drunken Review

Drunk film reviews #1 Okja is very good. Is Tilda Swinton hot? Not sure. It’s like she is, but tries really hard to hide it by playing grotesque caricatures. Wait, is that the guy from the film where Daniel Day Lewis has a moustache and shouts a lot? Had a beard. Think he was in a music a video I liked. If film makes me going back to being vegetarian after about 20 years, am I shallow, or is the film good? Is that the grandfather from The Host? Is this what it would look like if Disney realised that 90% of the world were self serving and not swayed by some misty eyed nonsense that love can change the world? Is there anything in the fridge that doesn’t need cooking and doesn’t have meat? Have I got another episode of Glow in me before I go to sleep? Do you have to cook lentils?