Monday Update 06/11/2017

It’s another Monday Update (you’ll have to imagine your own jingle).

So, on Friday, and, after falling asleep in my armchair, Saturday, I reviewed Children of the Corn. It wasn’t good. It really wasn’t good. The actual review was even more nonsensical than usual, too, with politics and all sorts.

The competition to win a copy of Hellraiser Revelations on Blu Ray is coming to an end. Details on how to enter are here – Corking Movies Halloween Giveaway. It’s worth watching. Honest.

There’s a new film poll below (as you can probably see), so if there’s any of these films you haven’t seen, don’t want to see, and wish someone else would endure for you, click below. Truth or Dare has slid off the list and into obscurity.

Progress on the zombie game continues. Still no lovely front end. When it’s done, the game will be made available to download from here.

The official Corking Movies Zombie Game
This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 27-07-2017 18:30:09
End date 22-12-2017 19:59:59
Poll Results:
What review would you like to see on the weekend after 22/12/17

Starry Eyes (The Horror Channel)

Ouija Possession (Amazon Prime)

Orc Wars (The Horror Channel)

My Bloody Valentine (The Horror Channel)

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