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4/20 Massacre Preview

Slash and burn

4/20 Massacre Poster

When Jamie Bernadette and Justine Wachsberger, star of the Divergent series, join a group of friends for a birthday camping trip over the 4/20 holiday weekend, they soon find themselves crossing paths with an illegal marijuana growing operation and find themselves fighting for their lives in 4/20 Massacre, the first ever Stoner Slasher movie.

Simultaneously released on video on demand and DVD, this comedy thriller pits its young stars against its monster.

4/20 Massacre Group Photo

Directed by Dylan Reynolds and starring Jamie Bernadette(I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu, Killing Joan), Vanessa Rose Parker (Samurai Cop 2), Justine Wachsberger (Divergent), Stacey Danger (‘’Jean-Claude Van Johnson’’), Marissa Pistone (Raze), Jim Storm (Dark Shadows), Mark Schroeder (‘’Pretty Little Liars’’) Jim Round, Drew Talbert and James Gregory, 4/20 Massacre is released on 4/20.