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Hellraiser Revelations

Trust me. Under the picture, it's NOT Doug Bradley. Who is a nice chap.
It’s not even Doug Bradley

Well, ready for the final Halloween drunken review, my copy of Hellraiser Revelations has arrived. If you take off the sticker on the front, the revelation is that it’s not Doug Bradley. Another revelation is that, although it says it’s uncut, it’s 79 minutes long. How long was it when it was cut!

I’ll be putting up one of those like and share competitions onĀ http://www.facebook.com/corkingmovies/ soon, so you can win this copy at some point in the future. Most films I watch on Netflix, Amazon, or off the Horror Channel, but should I need to buy (or get given, hint hint) any physical copies, I’ll probably be doing the same (unless I actually like them).