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This is a f… I was about to say this was a first – drunk and subtitles, but near the beginning of Corking Movies, I watched some Tarkovsky. I get the feeling there won’t be much humour in this review, but we’ll see.

I’ve seen this line in the trailer, but I do like. “Do you euthanize animals here?” “Those too.” That’s the first dialogue in the film. Makes me think we won’t be messing about here.

That Petri’s a dish… And that may be the only joke in this. That garage is full of nudie calendars.

I’m getting the vibes of another film, but I can’t think what it is.

Never understood why people have pets and abuse them. Unless you’re an actually a sadist, you’ll find a home for them.

“Soldiers of Finland?” Sound like pleas… Yup. Neo-Nazis. Who or what is Tom of Finland?

Tom of Finland
Coincidentally, Sky had a film about Tom of Finland on their list. This was just about the ‘safest’ drawing of his I could find.

Is there something in him being a mechanic? He brings the mechanical back to life, but the organic, he helps to die. And he does it with love.

I’ve not watched a lot of Finnish cinema, but the main guy looks familiar.

I didn’t know¬† Finland used the Euro. I thought they were part of the trading zone, but didn’t use the Euro. Part of the Free Trade Association like Norway. See. Corking Movies is educational. (Sober edit. What my drunken self was trying to say was that Norway are part of the FTA, but Finland are full members).

Isn’t the lily of the valley poisonous? I’m guessing he doesn’t like his father.

I imagine it’s difficult for non-Finnish people to speak Finnish. Finnish seems a weird mix of Japanese and Polish. If you look at some of the Finnish footballer’s names they could be Japanese.

I’m glad they haven;t made the protagonist a total outsider. Gives him more depth. He’s disconnected from the people who live near him, but he is not a total sociopath.

I wonder if neo-nazis are on the rise in Finland the way they are here and the US. I don’t imagine there is much immigration there. Maybe I’m doing it a disservice. I think I’d like to visit, but I can’t imagine there’s much economic migration. (sober edit. It seems that there is quite a large neo-nazi movement in Finland. And my drunk reasoning behind there not being much was a bit narrow minded.)

One thing about cowards like this guy – questioning them in front of their friends is dangerous.

I think it’s hard to judge acting in another language, but this seems very good.

The trailer miss-sold the film. Did it a disservice. Made it out to be a serial killer film when it’s not.

I hope this does well. When I was young, well, teens, when my parents went for a meal, they’d get me and my brother a film. Sometimes they’d pick them, and they would pick some real obscure, but very good, stuff. God knows how they found out about them. This film feels like one of those.

We would also be treated to the delicious flavours of Dominos pizza (now, about that sponsorship deal)

Some of this is so beautifully shot. Unlike some I’ve watched recently, this is a film by film lovers.

This film twists and turns like a twisty turny thing. Just when you think you know what it is, VOOP! it’s something else. I don’t mean it’s a confused film, it’s not. It disorients the viewer. It keeps the viewer engaged.

I wonder if directors pick guns for a reason, or because they’re available. For example ,I think that was a Tokarev, which is Soviet. I may be wrong.

Remember kids, don’t confuse limestone and quicklime. One increases decomposition, the other slows it down.

I think it’s funny that this neo-nazi group has just for members. Like Korg in Thor – Ragnarok, who tried to start a revolution, but didn’t print enough pamphlets, so hardly anyone turned up.

Oh hey guys.

I think I’d have liked this film to have discussed the neo-nazi angle more. It’s a debate that sadly needs to be had over 70 years since they were supposedly put to bed. Now, patriots espouse their values whilst draping themselves with flags. Look at the Proud Boys. Their great-grandfathers would be sick.

Paul Thingy from Prison Planet
An idiot, yesterday.

Maybe the end was a little hurried. Maybe. With films like this though, that often feels the case. It’s the journey, not the destination.