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Sober Edit – There are a load of spoilers in this. A bloody load.

I assume this is about the current weather in the UK. Seriously, we had a Sports Day at work (my first in what, 27 years) and I’m sure I had a dose of heat stroke. Anyway, no bottle of wine tonight, as I had a few beers and ciders earlier, so it’s just more cider.

Every time I hear the Netflix sting, I think of the DJ Yoda Stranger ThingsĀ  mix tape.

First shot looks like it’s from the Archillect twitter account.

“You think you know your beautiful wife.”

The alien gun sound effects sound like a kid’s toy.

There’s a new spooky wind sound in my house.

So is this in the future? They didn’t make it obvious at first. It’s a future where ties and unbuttoned shirts are acceptable. We have to stop this coming true.

Is this film anti-immigration? There was talk of aliens settling in, then they turn on, and massacre, their hosts.

In what sort of work environment would you pass out and nobody would notice?

Those giant windows would not be conducive to sleep.

I wonder if this is going to be one of those films that should have been a pilot to a series.

Come on dude, you’re allowed a “Told you so” for this.

Do they have emergency broadcasts ready for alien invasions?

A lot of aliens seem to use sweeping light these days.

I thought corporate looking dude was going to be a douchebag at first, but he seems OK.

Typical. Kids always going back for toys… That’s done best in Under the Shadow. There, it has some meaning, rather than being a lazy way of driving the hero into danger.

What if the aliens are just trying to save the planet from us?

The alien infantry weapons sound like drum pads.

The precognition part of this film hasn’t served any narrative purpose. Without it, though, the film offers very little.

Where;s the futile military attack? Every invasion film has one. It’s the law.

Is this going to be an hour of his daughter screaming?

Projecting light onto smoke, just like NIN do.

Oh dear. Picks up alien gun and can rewire it in minutes.

Kinda like that aliens aren’t invincible – they go down when shotgunned. Bit thick though. It seems they have the ability to flatten tower blocks, but go floor by floor.

Is the alien going to be… You. Human. You’d better bloody say why, but I’ve a feeling you won’t. Why did they have breathing apparatus when they can just breathe?

Oh. You people. Are they not human then?

Why, if you’d captured one of them, would you kill them? Surely they could be interrogated? You won’t get many other chances.

OK, so that’s a twist. Typically, no foreshadowing, unless I was to watch it again, but that’s not happening.

They needed to lay more groundwork, make the androids more oppressed. Instead, they seem pretty awful. Makes the humans wiping them out seem not so bad.

So Miles the human let them go and now they’re killing humans. Those deaths are on him.

That train had Korn stencilled on it. Wonder if he’s still wearing that same Adidas top and making samey music.

Humans aren’t very good shots.

And why not use that quad laser before?

Wiping their memories surely reduced their preparedness.

This end credits music is apt in that it’s bland.

The twist itself was mildly interesting, but everything else was pretty much balls.