Fourth and Final Halloween Special Vote

It’s time for the fourth and final Halloween Special vote.

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What should the next Drunken Review Halloween Special be?

Maximum Overdrive – Stephen King’s classic of machines gone crazy, AC/DC and a lorry that in no way looks like the Green Goblin. Recorded from the Horror Channel.

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House – a Netflix produced haunted house story. Available on Netflix.

Truth or Dare – A bunch of students play a game of Truth or Dare. With possibly deadly consequences. From the Horror Channel.

My Bloody Valentine – A classic 80s slasher film. On the Horror Channel.

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Monday Update 16/10/2017

It’s a Monday update!

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Secondly, there is a new poll for the next film to watch (this is going to be on 21/10). Click here for descriptions of the films.

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What should be drunkenly reviewed next?

Last week’s review is available here – 13 Eerie Drunken Review

Halloween Special Drunken Review Poll #3

So, what should be watched this weekend? It’s going to be Saturday evening rather than Friday this week.

Child’s Play. I don’t think this needs any introduction, but for some reason, I’ve never seen it.

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House. This seems to be a pretty standard haunted house story, staring Ruth Wilson, who basically owned the show Luther.

Truth or Dare. Some kids go to a cabin and play a violent game of truth or dare. It’s English, so they’ve probably all been in Game of Thrones.

We Are What We Are. The short synopsis is that there are a family of cannibals that have to kidnap victims for a ritual. It’s an American remake of a Mexican horror film.

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What should be drunkenly reviewed next?

Monday Update 09/10/2017

The Legacy - House of Hell
Another 80s game geek reference. Lose one sanity.

The first Corking Movies Halloween special (spooktacular) was a doozy. Troll 2 has long been known as one of the worst films of all time. It was even the subject of an entertaining documentary entitled Best Worst Movie). It has attained cult status, giving rise to fan festivals, special screenings and its cast revel in their notoriety. As you can imagine, it was enjoyable to watch drunk, and the review is below.

Continuing our October Halloween theme, I’ve prepared the new poll. Billy Zane and Red Clover have been removed from the list having garnered no votes. I’m sure Billy Zane will appear here again. His is an odd tale, to me. He’s a decent actor, but whether it’s through bad decisions, bad advice or whatever, he’s been in a lot of bad films (and his name is tainted as such). So, in place of Red Clover and Troll 2, we have 13 Eerie (no score on Rotten Tomatoes) and The Day (29% on Rotten Tomatoes).

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What should I watch for the next Halloween Special?

Child’s Play

As a horror fan, this is one of those films I’ve just never got round to watching. For those that don’t know, it’s about a killer doll, voiced by the fantastic Brad Dourif. It spawned many sequels.

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House

This is a Netflix special about a writer of ghost stories who moves into a house with a ghost. I expect one of those book signing endings that all films with writers in have. And jump scares and close up over the shoulder shots (you know the one, where the viewer can see what’s behind the protagonist).

The Day

This is a post apocalyptic horror, so bad haircuts are guaranteed. It’s about a bunch of survivors holes up in a farmhouse with bad guys outside.

13 Eerie

Some FBI forensic wannabes are sent to an island for some test or another. Turns out some illegal experiments were done there. One of the cast is listed as ‘Skinhead Nazi Zombie’, so that may give you some idea.

Monday Update 02/10/17

As you may have read by now, Viking Quest was as awful as expected. Sadly, it forced me to dwell on my past as a goth (it was the 90s. It was allowed). I haven’t dug out my painted leather jacket (although it is well painted) and taped up combat boots though. Nor has it got me listening to Sisters of Mercy and The Mission.

As it’s October (already?), this month will be dedicated to Halloween films. I’ve even ordered a copy of Hellraiser 9. It’s the only Hellraiser I haven’t seen, and the last few I only watched out of duty, and with trepidation.  I’m not going to put it on this week’s poll, as there’s a good chance it may not arrive in time.

I did watch some films sober this week. Firstly, I Daniel Blake. As you’d expect from Ken Russell, it’s a dark and gritty realist social drama. Well worth watching. Secondly, Alien Covenant. There was a good film there somewhere, but they buried it, and, in doing so, trashed the Alien mythos. Nice Blade Runner reference though. Finally, Free Fire. Highly enjoyable shoot out in a warehouse. The writers take what would be a ten minute scene in a film and make a full film out of it. It is never anything less than entertaining.

As ever, if you do have any recommendations for films, the site, wine, email me at christianATcorkingmoviesDOTcom.  If you’d like a link on here, let me know.

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Next Film To Review (Horror Special #1)