This Weekend (23-24 September 2017)

As I’m out and about on Saturday, I won’t be drinking until the early hours of Saturday morning. I may review one when I get back drunk on Saturday evening unless a) I fall asleep watching Match of the Day, or b) I’m too sober to watch a film. If I don’t do one tomorrow evening, the poll will continue until next Friday. Viking Quest is currently winning. Please don’t let it win…

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Viking Quest
Some kid has to rescue a maiden from a dragon. I presume there’ll be mullets and beards. It’s by the director of Crystal Skulls, which I review here – Crystal Skulls.

The Pyramid
A father and daughter investigate a pyramid (not sure where mummy got to). It’s a found footage film, unfortunately.

Metal Shifters
A meteorite brings a statue to life that goes on the rampage. Kind of the opposite of the end of Ghostbusters 2.

Red Clover
Apparently Billy Zane’s career didn’t end with the Phantom. Now he’s having to deal with a bloodthirsty leprechaun. The more obvious title was stolen.

The Last Avatar
I really liked the animated series. From what I’ve heard, this whitewashed travesty is going to be less enjoyable.

Film For Review 15/09/2017

OK, so it’s been suggested by one of our readers that it’s more interesting when you choose what film gets inflicted on me. I can only assume that you’re sadists (especially when taking into account the films I have recorded). Anyway, I’m always ready to listen to you all (any other suggestions, drop them to christian at corkingmovies dot com).

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