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Atlantic Rim 2 – A Drunken Review

The Japanese Atlantic Rim 2 Poster rocks. Might have to buy another Gundam kit…

Atlantic Rim 2 – A Drunk Review

In a massive break from tradition, I’m starting this review on the same page as another. It’s because I’ve nearly reached the end of the pad.

Already I’m surprised by the production values here. Asylum films have a certain reputation.

I recognise that guy who looks like Sir Clive Sinclair (and before you say, no. It’s not Sir Clive Sinclair).

Sinclair C5
Sir Clive Sinclair, without whom there’d be no C5

Wait. Did he say he was from the Tactical Insecurity Division? If so, are they hiring? I’d fit right in.

I think one of the problems when you’re doing a film with such a large scope on such a small budget is that you have no real footprint. There’s a huge creature stomping round Miami, but it’s as if it’s not really there. With the spread of information the way it is these days, the world would be in chaos within minutes. I’m sure readers will remember how quickly the terrible events of 9/11 unfolded before us. Social media and global interactivity have multiplied a millionfold since then.

Seeing a military type telling his partner to take the kids and leave reminds me of the book ‘The Death of Grass’. It would be difficult to keep the possibility of danger from people you know, impossible to keep it from loved ones.

Tough bald military guy looks a bit like Carl Ikeme, the Wolves goalkeeper who is currently battling leukemia. His charity can be found here –¬†https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/cureleukaemia/ikeme

Carl Ikeme

“I can only write so much code.” Same here. Me too. See the Corking Movies mobile index here¬†http://www.corkingmovies.com/learning-area/

Wait. Do they have a software QA here?

Scientist guy looks a bit like Karl Urban. Lot of look-a-likes here (and regular readers will know we thrive on those).

Quality wise, this is about even with a Stargate spinoff or something, which, from Asylum is not bad. There seems to be a genuine desire to make a film here, rather than some of the stuff I’ve seen by them and that goes a long way. Look at Crystal Skulls. That was someone who wanted money and nothing else and it shows.

The robots look a bit Tau (look, I’ve admitted to being a geek here before). Quite like the design.


No way is she old enough to be her mom. Bit like Marty McFly and his dad.

“It’s a lot bigger than I thought.” It’s quite tragic saying “That’s what she said” when everyone else in the house has gone to bed (well, my son’s hamsters, Maya and Freya, are still awake – I can here the wheel. We got them today and they’re a bit shy).

Videogames have taught me you need flamethrowers here.

Seriously, is that guy Karl Urban’s brother? I believe he has one… Not Keith Urban though.

We’ve veered into Starship Troopers here. Love that film. Casper van Dien is not the greatest of actors in it, but he fits.

“Where did you learn to shoot like that?” “I’m from New York.” New York, where, this very morning, they tightened gun ownership laws for domestic abusers. Tempted to wake my partner up to celebrate this. Brilliant result.

Have to say, I’ve seen worse films made with bigger budgets and bigger names.

The arse end of this wine is tannin-y.

We’ll that was a sudden death.

Whoever put the soundtrack together just sneaked in an effect from the 1953 War of the Worlds movie. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Don’t know that it’s not a little sexist that the surviving female pilots are locked away for the finale, leaving two dudes to take over.

Sure I recognise other woman in the command center.

Sober edit – I fell asleep drunk here as the credits rolled (plus it was about 4am), so no further notes… Just checked though, and the catering was by Impeccable Taste/John Woodward