Ghost In The Shell – A Drunk Review

Ghost in the Shell – A Drunken Review

Ghost in the Shell Movie Poster
Ghost in the Shell Movie Poster

Interesting fact. Maybe. On the Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex soundtrack is a track called Lux Aeterna. Cling Mansell wrote some of the soundtrack of this and also wrote a piece called Lux Aeterna. Both of these pieces are pieces I adore.

I’m a big fan of the comic of Ghost in the Shell and the original anime, but I’m going to try and put those to the back of my head as it’d be unfair to judge this based on those. They’re a different media. The comics and the animé are massively different in themselves.

A Corking Movies first here. We’re having technical difficulties. As a result, I’m watching the Bowls World Championship Quarter Finals. Disappointingly, nobody is smoking a pipe. Sorry, to explain, I had to restart the router and download the film.

Please stand by
Please stand by

Right, let’s start, and hope we don’t have any further issues. Obscure Dairy Milk advert there. How many Millennials will remember going into a newsagents for fags while an adult waits outside? Also, how many will remember Ghost in the Shell being advertised in Syndicate Wars?

This was high-tech AF when I were a lad,

This wine was ace.

It’s a brave move to do a remake of something so beloved. Especially when you’re radically shifting the medium and ethnicity.

OK. Best Takeshi is in it. That’s plus points. Will there be baseball on the beach? The opening scene nicely reflects the opening of the animé. It does Westernise it though – the original was more abstract and the soundtrack more traditionally Japanese. I think, as well, we’re being introduced at the beginning of the whole Shell thing, whereas in the comic and the animé, it’s already established and ‘normal’. I said I’d try and watch this with no preconceptions, but it’s not possible.

Two of the main things I remember about the animé are the major looking at her hand when she wakes (which is referenced in the GIT:SAC OST) and a scene on a boat where the Major discusses a mirror darkly. Also, film just reminded me of briefcase guns. From the comic, I remember Beat Takeshi’s character on a moped, super deformed style.

Is that Top Dollar from The Crow?

The soundtrack seems to be inspired by Deus Ex. Unless Deus Ex was inspired by Ghost in the Shell. Or they were both inspired by something else.

She woke looking at her hand. There’s a lot of cockney accents. From what I’ve heard of Beat Takeshi, he might not have been keen.

The Laughing Man
The Laughing Man

Was Batou’s love of dogs something from the second film?

One of the things about Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which I so desperately wanted to like) was that the CGI backgrounds overpowered the actors, making them seem unreal. This does the same.

I think they’re guilty of one of my pet peeves. They don’t trust the audience to give up on reality for a couple of hours. They’re trying to ground it all in reality. You end up with a hybrid and the stuff you try to make believable… isn’t.

The problem with good wine? It runs out too fast.

What were the robots’ names? Began with an ‘O’. The video game was all about them. I’m taking a risk here and putting a blanket on. It’s cold, but I may fall asleep.

Tachikoma. Doesn’t begin with an O. Shared a mind and tried to buy a battleship AI.

Heh. It was a beagle in GITS 2. Does Beat Takeshi not speak English, or refuse to (sober explanation – everyone speaks English to him, but he always replies in Japanese).

Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence!

I like that he’s kept his hair from the comics.

I may be more drunk than usual, but I have no idea why the bad guy is doing what he’s doing.

There’s bits of GITS 2 being mixed in here and there and Westerners being thrown into Tokyo (sober edit – it wasn’t Tokyo. It was even Japan). The bin lorry driver is an unwitting tool in 2 and has become the terrorist from 1.

Can anyone tell me where I recognise the bad guy from?

Can see why the made the Major the first “shell”. It was necessary for the narrative.

In the comic and the anime, the Major’s boss is massively protective.

” Stop saying shit like that, you’re going to piss me off.” That is so just anime dialogue.

I didn’t think that really expanded on the original material. It just made me want to watch it more. Especially when they used the opening music at the end.

Sleep. Now.


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