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Monday Update 02/10/17

As you may have read by now, Viking Quest was as awful as expected. Sadly, it forced me to dwell on my past as a goth (it was the 90s. It was allowed). I haven’t dug out my painted leather jacket (although it is well painted) and taped up combat boots though. Nor has it got me listening to Sisters of Mercy and The Mission.

As it’s October (already?), this month will be dedicated to Halloween films. I’ve even ordered a copy of Hellraiser 9. It’s the only Hellraiser I haven’t seen, and the last few I only watched out of duty, and with trepidation.  I’m not going to put it on this week’s poll, as there’s a good chance it may not arrive in time.

I did watch some films sober this week. Firstly, I Daniel Blake. As you’d expect from Ken Russell, it’s a dark and gritty realist social drama. Well worth watching. Secondly, Alien Covenant. There was a good film there somewhere, but they buried it, and, in doing so, trashed the Alien mythos. Nice Blade Runner reference though. Finally, Free Fire. Highly enjoyable shoot out in a warehouse. The writers take what would be a ten minute scene in a film and make a full film out of it. It is never anything less than entertaining.

As ever, if you do have any recommendations for films, the site, wine, email me at christianATcorkingmoviesDOTcom.  If you’d like a link on here, let me know.

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