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Monday Update 13/11/2017

Monday update time.

So, Friday I watched Starry Eyes, which I really quite enjoyed. The Hellraiser draw has been made, and the winner notified. My Bloody Valentine has been removed from the poll, and two new films added- Knucklebones and The Possession of Michael King.

I had a bit of an awakening, I suppose, when one of the lead actors of Children of the Corn (Kandyse McClure) said she might read the review. It’s not a complimentary review (see here – Children of the Corn – A Drunken Review), though, and it made me wonder. Does what I do upset the people involved? Or is it dismissed as the drunken ramblings that it is (by someone who hasn’t even finished his first script)? There have been a couple of films that have annoyed me, as they appear to have been made without any intent to entertain (namely Crystal Skulls and Viking Quest), but genuinely, I think films are made by people who love cinema. I’ve always had a bit of mixed feelings about critics of any art form, as art is subjective, and some see their word a gospel and have turned written cruelty into an art (I think they tend to work for the New Yorker and the Spectator), often making ad hominem attacks on those involved.

Anyway, enough introspection…

Knucklebones – Recorded from the Horror Channel. This was a reader request. A group of students summon a demon whilst playing with dice. They probably had a low wisdom stat or something.

The Possession of Michael King – from the Horror Channel (Tuesday 14/11 11:20)Some chap (Michael King – who I assume rules over Michael Knight) gets possessed in order to prove the supernatural doesn’t exist. That’s what it says anyway. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Orc Wars – Recorded from the Horror Channel. Some special forces chap goes and lives in a remote cabin and ends up having to protect the world from orcs.

The Ouija Possession – Amazon Prime. Some kids play with a ouija board and release a vengeful spirit. Apparently this is a film that was released 4 years previously under a different name…

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