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Monday Update 27/11/2017

Look at what I have to endure for you…

It’s another Monday update (if I can publish it in the next 3 hours). Saturday’s film was Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, which was atrocious. You can read the review here – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. I’m thinking of putting some films I might actually enjoy in future polls. I did used to believe that life was too short to waste on bad films and TV… Admittedly, some of them amuse me. Some I’ve actually enjoyed, too. I’m also considering live tweeting or doing a podcast or something, but I’m not sure yet. For a start, it’d be difficult to tweet and write a review at the same time, and people would struggle to understand my accent (especially when drunk) and there’d probably be dead air. Tweeting might make sense, as it could be a communal thing. I am going to try and keep you all informed of where the films are available. Usually I prowl the Horror Channel, Netflix and Amazon Prime. I’ve set Pernicious to record tonight on the Horror Channel at 10:45 and that will probably feature on the poll next week.

Anyway, your film choices are:

The Possession of Michael King (I will type Michael Knight at some point by mistake, I’m sure). Recorded off the Horror Channel, it’s about a chap who doesn’t believe in demons, so gets himself possessed to prove himself right, or something. I suppose that’s the reverse of Pascal’s Wager.

Jessabelle. A woman is involved in an accident that leaves her crippled, so she goes home to recover, only there’s something terrible there. This is on Netflix.

Left Behind. Nicholas Cage stars in this adaptation of a book by some ultra Conservative Christians. It’s about the rapture and people being… Left Behind. For a joke, I started reading the book once, but it was horribly written and steeped in intolerance. Again, it’s on Netflix.

America 3000. It’s America. It’s 3000 AD. Women have taken over. Probably because the man in charge of the most powerful nation on earth is doing such a bad job. Another for Netflix.

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