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Monday Update

Happy Monday everyone.

This weekend, I watched not one, but two dreadful movies, to round off the Halloween Specials – firstly, Maximum Overdrive, which was so bad Stephen King condemned it himself. Secondly, Hellraiser Revelations, which was so bad Clive Barker condemned it. See, I’m not afraid to watch films condemned by those involved (well, with Hellraiser Revelations, it was very much out of Barker’s hands). The Maximum Overdrive review can be found here – Maximum Overdrive. The Hellraiser Revelations review will be up tomorrow. If you fancy winning something that brings more misery than the Lament Configuration, I’m going to be giving away the review copy to one lucky subscriber. Click here for details Hellraiser Giveaway

For a break from the awful movies I’ve been watching, I went to see Blade Runner 2049. I’m a massive fan of the original and own numerous copies, so was trepidatious about seeing it. The Matrix Trilogy demonstrate how poor sequels can destroy the original. I shouldn’t have worried. Blade Runner 2049 is superb. For sheer spectacle it is amazing. My (sober) review can be found here – Blade Runner

Near the bottom of this post is the poll for the next film to be reviewed. They are:

Children of the Corn. This is the 2009 remake of the Stephen King film about satanic children (aren’t they all?)

Truth or Dare. Some rich kids play a game of Truth or Dare that turns to the extreme.

Orc Wars. Some special forces chap fights orcs. With guns. Seems a bit one-sided to me.

My Bloody Valentine. A group of friends call forth a legendary killer. Idiots.

So, that’s the Monday update. If there’s any films you’d like me to review drunk, or have any suggestions for the site, pop a comment below. Have a wonderful Halloween.

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